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We are a professional community rehabilitation solution agency that implements quality rehabilitation systems to centers of any scale.

what we do.

A holistic approach to tackle daily challenges in community rehabilitaton.


Our solution will make hospital grade rehabilitation available to any clinic and eldercare in the community. We will equip your therapists with the best tools to make an impact.


We improve patient participation and engagement by innovative technologies, such as tele-rehabilitation, VR and proprioception immersion.


Our team has over 10 years of experience in the field of rehab-technology. We compare and provide a solution that is best suited for your spectacular goals.

our solutions.

Balance Rehabilitation

Engage our solution to kickstart your one of a kind fall prevention program.

Overcome the city's fall risks

Simulate ACTUAL fall-risks, and train functionally

Therapist will have a complete tool box to simulate community fall risks, and design personalized programs to overcome them.

Standard clinical balance assessments are available for progress measurement of your fall management champaign.

  • 3-D Motorized platforms (x2) to simulate scenario
  • Built in 20+ scenario for pubilc transport and outdoor challenges
  • local Singapore Scenarios
  • Traditional interactive balance exercises
  • Fully programmable movement
  • Forceplates based Clinical reports

KINESIM - KINESIQ (Canada | Class I)

KINESIM is an advanced fall preventaion solution designed and manufactured in Canada. Trusted by clinics and hospitals all over the world.

City scenario simulations

Simulate a scenario with realistic visuals, audio and MOVEMENT. Patients can train for the sudden stop of a running MRT, a bus or even a boat in your safe, controlled clinical environment.

Instead of predictable and repetitive movements, your patients will train functionally and achieve functional results.

Programmed orthopedic training

The 2 motorized plates are programmable to move in any directions. Once a weak direction is identified, we can provide a high intensity training to address it.

Mobilization (e.g. inversion/ eversion) and joint stabilization trainings are also available in this mode.

Clinical assessments

Progress assessment is important for any community fall prevention programs. In our system, we have standard clinical tests (e.g. CTSIB, LOS) out of the box.

For seasoned researchers, we also provide experimental stabilograms and reaction time analysis if you wish to design your own study.

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Gait Rehabilitation

We will help you overcome space and operational difficulties, and create a high quality gait training service with gait analysis.

Operate a Gait training center with just 1.27m²

Compromise in function: ZERO with gait analysis

Our solution will be an all in one Gait Training power-house which is small and easy to operate. At the same time provides excellent clinical training and analysis.

  • Super fast set up (verticalizes a stroke patient in 5 minutes)
  • Weight assisted gait training
  • Interactive gait and balance exercise
  • VR compatibility
  • Force-plates instrumented
  • Fully automated gait analysis with reports

EMA - Ezygain (France | Class I)

Our solution EMA, from France will make high quality gait training practical for centers of any scale.

Trsuted all over the world

There are more than 150 units (number in 2020) installed and opereated all over Europe. Trusted by major clinics and hosptials, and well covered by press.

Famous reference center in Asia includes CUHK Medical center in Hong Kong.

5 minutes set up

EMA's special harness will provide SUPER FAST set up, you can complete verticalization with a patient within 3 to 5 minutes (1 therapist).

Clinical gait and balance analysis

The EMA will let you provide hospital grade forceplate gait analysis at your clinic.

Analysis and reporting will be fully automatic. No manual analysis is required. You will get gait symmetry, step parameters and different graphs at your fingertips.

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COVID-19 reminds us of the importance of telemedicine. We can provide a readily available TeleRehab solution with proven results world wide.

Start a Tele-Rehabilitation program in Singapore

Powered by MICROSOFT Azure AI and cloud data-security

MICROSFT helped us solved the 2 greatest problems in Tele-Rehabilitation: Motion detection and data-security.

  • AI Azure KINECT motion detection
  • Azure cloud with servers based in Singapore
  • Azure cloud is widely accepted by local ElderCare providers
  • Great references in UK, Italy and Spain
  • Low cost: Annual subscription as low as SGD1500

EvolvRehab (Spain | Class I)

EvolvRehab from Spain created a one button to go Tele-Rehabilitation solution completed with hardware, software and network security.

60+ Clinically validated exercises

Assessment, Mobilization, Exergames, ADL, Speech and Fall prevention.

Training programs have undergone clinical trials by clinics and universities all over the world.

Instrutions and narrations available in Chinese and English.

Patient report directly to your workdesk

You can get all your exercise data without 1 to 1 supervision. Reps, range, reaction time and completion data will be fed to your own laptop through cloud.

Use Supervise a multi-center rehab program with ease.

Azure servers in Singapore

Azure cloud is trusted by Singapore ElderCare providers and Evolv uses the same servers and services.

We also provide different solutions to different centers for patient use, clinic use or even multi-centers coordination.

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Treatment Furnitures

Adjustable StairTraining for Singapore Clinics

More treatment progressions with less space

Progressive overload is important for any physiothearpy, including stairs trainings. Instead of acquiring multiple sets of wooden staircases, explore our modern solution.

  • 2.5 - 19.5cm stair height adjustment
  • Covers 7" MOH standard
  • Continuous adjustment with digital console in cm
  • Auto casters to stable support transform when the stairs are risen
  • Supports children use
  • Mobile and agile, can be moved around

StairTrainer (Denmark)

Small, adjustable and full of potential. This equipment from Denmark is all you need for stairs training.

  • Several adjustment options for levels of difficulty
  • Simple to transport
  • Safe, lower the staircase into a platform when patient fails
  • Undisturbed by surroundings
  • Plug and play, no installation required

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Robotics Rehabilitation

Robotics Solutions Expert

Upper limb? lower limb? indoors? outdoors? Name your goal, we will provide a solution

Robotic training comes in different shapes, sizes and costs. We are experienced in different robotics solutions all over the world, and it will be our pleasure to share our knowledge.

Contact us and find out the best robotics solution for your center.

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